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French artists: List of great French artists and index to where their art can be viewed at art museums worldwide.Marcel Julien Baron ( ) was a Parisian artist. See more ideas about Baron, Marcel and Art art. Marcel Julien Baron ( ) was a Parisian artist. Marcel Julien Baron french artist baron

Damascus, SANAAaAaThe French artist Christophe Baron came to Damascus carryingAa15 works of great artistic value, composed of old planks to organize his firstAaexhibition in Damascus. Baron depended on acrylic colors, pencils and ink to draw his differentmood characters.

Our collection contains a listing of works by the 16th century old master artist, Tobias Stimmer, 17th century old master artists, Jacques Callot, Pierre Daret, Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellee), Lombart Robert Nanteuil and Gilles Rousselet, the 18th century French artists, Jean Baptiste Guelard, Charles Domenique Joseph Eisen, Jaques Philippe Le Bas, Gerard Rene Le Villain, Robert Nanteuil, and Bernard Picart, the 19th century French Artists Paintings Prints Photographs Sculpture Picasso Categories New Artworks Auctions Calendar About Services Directions Glossary Email Mailing List Home FIND ARTfrench artist baron Franois, Grard, in full Baron FranoisPascalSimon Grard, (born May 4, 1770, Rome, Papal States [Italydied January 11, 1837, Paris, France), Neoclassical painter best known for his portraits of celebrated European personalities, particularly the leading figures of the French First Empire and Restoration periods.

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A set of four hand colored etchings by artist Marcel Julien Baron (French, ) depicting views of Paris. The first, a Parisian street scene circa 1920s, gives a glimpse into daily life on a french artist baron Elisa Breton ( ), artist and writer, third wife of French writer and surrealist Andr Breton Henri Cadiou ( ), painter Victor Vasarely ( ) (born in Hungary), painter Jun 18, 2008 A baron (a later title) was originally a direct vassal of the king, or of a major feudal lord like a duke or a count because originally only one person could hold the office (ordinary fiefs, on the other hand, could be shared). French titles are thus born by one person at a time, because only one person can own the property. The equivalent Has Anyone Heard Of Marcel Julien Baron I have about 60 etchings of his work! ! we brought them to an art dealer but i think he was trying to rip us off. He supposedly didnt know much about the artist but was willing to pay us 500 dollars for the 60 etchings. Henri Baron 'Henri Charles Antoine Baron A major mid nineteenth century painter, lithographer and illustrator, Henri Charles Antoine Baron studied art techniques in Paris under both Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Pena and Jean Gigoux. Around 1836 Henri Baron traveled through Italy in the company of Jean Gigoux and Francois Louis Francais.

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