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Feb 07, 2013 ok I'm terrible at french. I try so hard and it just doesn't click. We have to write 5 sentences in imparfait and 5 in passe compose. It has to be on a topic from your childhood.This popular lesson focuses on the proper use and differences of PassCompos versus Imparfait in the French language, with many examples and explanation. Pass Compos Versus Imparfait Video By Camille ChevalierKarfis October 6, 2014 December 10, 2018. If you liked my grammar lesson on the most common tenses of the past in french 2 passe compose imparfait

The Ultimate Guide to the Pass Compos. Hi how do you know whether to use le passe compose or limparfait As in, what is the difference between these two? Thanks. the reason why so many French learners struggle to speak and understand French is that they make 2 easilyavoidable mistakes.

French past tenses. The most important French past tenses are the pass compos and the imparfait, and they are troublesome for several reasons. While limparfait is more or less equivalent to the English past progressive, limparfait is more widely used, especially with verbs like avoir and tre. The pass compos is the most common French past tense, often used in conjunction with the imperfect. It is extremely important to understand the distinctions between the pass compos and imperfect in order to use them correctly and thus express past events accurately.french 2 passe compose imparfait Categories French Grammar, French tenses Tags imparfait vs passe compose, pass compos vs imparfait, past tenses in French Post navigation Imparfait Imperfect Tense in French French Future Tense and Near Future in French

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French Imparfait vs. Pass Compos: Make Grammar Struggles a Thing of the Past How to Form and Use the Je suis rentr(e) chez moi 2 heures du matin. (I went home at 2: 00 in the morning. ) Note that when using verbs that take tre in the pass compos french 2 passe compose imparfait Sep 15, 2012 Bonjour! I'm learning French and working on learning the difference between when to use pass compos and the imparfait in a sentence. We're supposed to change each sentence into the past tense using either pass compos or the imparfait. 1. Je vis en Angleterre. pendant deux ans. For this one, I think its the pass compos because it gives a specified amount of time (2 years). During the first year of French, every student becomes aware of the troublesome relationship between the two main past tenses: imperfect and passe compose. Pass Compos vs. Imparfait (french 2) STUDY. PLAY. imparfait (2) describe mental, physical, and emotional states or conditions of unlimited duration. pass compose vs. imparfait. 8 terms. Uses of the Past Tense& Imperfect. 13 terms. Characteristics of PC and Imparfait. 10 terms. Learn imparfait pass compose french 2 with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 500 different sets of imparfait pass compose french 2 flashcards on Quizlet.

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