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The La Gloire made all other warships obsolete though her reign of the seas lasted all but one year. As such, in 1857, the design of a new class of ship to challenge the powerful British fleet fell upon the noted French naval architect Dupuy de Lome. The design ultimately became the La GloireGloire class ironclad. The Gloireclass ironclads were a group of three wooden hulled armored frigates built for the French Navy in the late 1850s and early 1860s. Gloire, the lead ship of the class, was the first oceangoing ironclad warship to be built by any country. gloire french navy

Navy: The French Navy: Type: Light cruiser: Class: La Galissonniere: Pennant: Built by: F. & Ch de la Gironde (Bordeaux, France) Ordered: Laid down: 13 Nov 1933: Launched: 28 Sep 1935: Commissioned: 15 Nov 1937: End service: 1 Feb 1955: History: While serving with the Vichy Navy the ship arrived at Dakar from Toulon on 14 September 1940.

How can the answer be improved? Caption: View taken circa 1938, showing closeup of bridge, showing gun director, formationkeeping device and range finder in left foreground.gloire french navy French ironclad Gloire. The French ironclad Gloire ( Glory ) was the first oceangoing ironclad, launched during 1859. It was developed after the Crimean War, in response to new developments of naval gun technology, especially the Paixhans guns and rifled guns, which used explosive shells with increased destructive power against wooden

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GLOIRE armoured cruisers ( ) Naval service: Sully was wrecked in Along Bay in IndoChina as result of navigating accident, salvage attempts failed. Gloire in was in Southern Atlantic and in May, 1918 was badly damaged as a result of collision with US ss City of Athens. gloire french navy

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