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Famous French Sculptors Who Changed the Course of Art History Clodion The Love of Small Scale and Terracotta. Auguste Rodin The New Face of Sculpture. Edgar Degas The Little FourteenYearOld Dancer. Jean Dubuffet The Line and Low Art. Challenging aesthetic borders through experimentsThe list French sculptors has been viewed 59 times. This list has 6 sublists and 598 members. See also French artists, Sculptors by nationality, European sculpture, French sculpture french sculptors famous

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Edgar Degas. Painter and sculptor Edgar Degas was a highly celebrated 19th century French Impressionist whose work helped shape the fine art landscape for years to come. Bronze David. The sculpture, known as the Bird Girl, was created in 1936, by sculptress Sylvia Shaw Judson ( ) in Lake Forest, Illinois. It achieved fame when it was featured on the cover of the 1994 novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It was sculpted atfrench sculptors famous French sculptors produced important works of Baroque sculpture for the decoration of the Palace of Versailles. In the 19th century, the sculptors Auguste Rodin and Edgar Degas created a more personal and nonrealistic style, which led the way to modernism in the 2Oth century, and the sculpture of Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Marcel Duchamp and Jean Arp.

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Famous French Sculptors. Find out more about the greatest French Sculptors, including Marcel Duchamp, Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin, Gustave Courbet and Georges Braque. french sculptors famous

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