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Jan 28, 2010 Colloquial Expressions in French, how to say yum yum, yuk or ouch25 French Expressions and Slang You DONT Learn in French Class. Nickel Nickel is French slang for the word perfect. When something is AOK you can confirm it by uttering this easy French word. Bouffer la bouffe These are more informal ways of saying to eat ( manger) or food ( la nourriture ). french colloquial expression

Sans dc. So is Sans dc for the French teen of today. Sans dc is the abbreviated version of Sans dconner, something that directly translates to approximately Youre not kidding, though the word choice is far stronger than kidding. This is a fairly vulgar expression that

French idioms. A collection of idiomatic expressions in French with English equivalents and translations. Context sentences for colloquial expression in French. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. bab. la is not responsible for their content.french colloquial expression How can the answer be improved?

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French Slang. French slang is extremely rich and colorful and can really add a lot of extra flavor to the language. Having basic knowledge of these words is a great idea as itll help you to ingratiate yourself with French people. This vocabulary list is broken down into the following sections: words for people, interjections, family, money, french colloquial expression In French, a raisonneur is a character in a play who stands for morality and reason, i. e. , not necessarily the author's point of view. The first meaning of this word though is a man (fem. raisonneuse) who overdoes reasonings, who tires by objecting with numerous arguments to every order. SEE ALSO: French expressions for having sex you won't find a dictionary. Obviously like in other languages the world of sex in French comes with its own slang lingo. 50 French Expressions and Slang to Sound more Fluent. Look at that, we save lives here at FrenchCrazy. Un Truc de Ouf Ouf is not a real word but rather the inversion of the letters fou which means crazy. This expression can be pronounced either as: trook dewf OR trook duh ewf. Im talking about French colloquial expressions we all use without even thinking about them. The untranslatable ones, the funny ones, the ones from popular culture Today, Ill teach you 5 of those. Today, on Comme une Franaise TV, learn 5 funny French colloquial expressions that will put a big happy smile on French peoples faces.

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