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2020-04-06 00:29

Your browser does not support audio. How to say little girl in FrenchHow to say little one in French. French Translation. petit. More French words for little one. bout de chou: little one: Find more words! welcome little one in french

May 11, 2008 How do you say little one or my little one in French, as a term of endearment?

Answers. com Categories Literature& Language Languages and Cultures Translations English to French How do you say welcome to my world in french? you say welcome to the world little one Apr 19, 2008 Welcome, little one. Discussion in 'SpanishEnglish Vocabulary Vocabulario EspaolIngls' started by annieways, Apr 19, 2008.welcome little one in french Used in Canada, this is the literal translation of welcome . In other Frenchspeaking countries, it would likely not be understood. This use of bienvenue is an anglicism; its correct use is mostly one of greeting or of appreciation, like when you say, for example, that relief is welcomed.

Welcome little one in french free

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